On this page you can see what gear I have.

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This is the guitars I play.. or at least gonna play. First you see my Japanese Fender Stratocaster. A nice piece. And on the 5th of January I'll have the Epiphone Les Paul too. And hopefully short after that, I'll have the pickups replaced with seymour duncan humbuckers.

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I play the guitars through this baby, a Fender Blues Junior. It's a 15w all-tube combo amp.  It has a really warm smooth tone, perfect for playin' blues. I don't think it would be a good choice for hard rock or metal, but I don't really care. I has three seperate tone-controls for Trebble, Midtones and Bass. It has a volume and a master volume control. The only "problem" I have with this amp is that it is really loud, even though it's only 15 watt, but don't be fooled by that. The amp produces a large variety of sounds, by using the tone-controls. Therefore I have setup a messageboard where owners of the Blues Jr. are more than welcome to publish settings that they like. I have dedicated a new page to this amp, check it out.

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Click to enlarge This is my only effect. HOT DRIVE'N BOOST. It's a combined boost and overdrive pedal. It has a really nice overdrive sound, and the boost function is great for lead parts. It's about all I want in effects, besides maybe a wah-wah.

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