This page has a lot of cool links to the best (in my opinion) Guitar and music sites.

The Blues Hangout is a really cool Blues site, go check it out.

Click here to go to The Blues Hangout

Harmony central is the largest collection of gear info that I have found on the net. There are tons of product reviews and links to manufacturers sites. If you ever want some info on some guitar gear, go to harmony central. One really cool thing is that "ordinary" people can post their own opinions on the products.

Click here to go to Harmony Central

I've found these two SRV sites, the first one is the one I like best, and the second one is for the fan-club.

Click here to go to SRV site

Click here to go to SRV fan-club site.

This is the official Robben Ford site. You'll find info about all of his albums, and a tour plan.

Click here to go to Robben Ford